Hi, I’m Shakir. I’m a creative director, currently leading the team at Fair, combining product design and brand creative efforts.


This year, together with Fair design team we built a new brand system and also improved our product a ton.


Prior to that, I helped FX Networks reimagine what a streaming experience could be.


I was fortunate to work with brands like Nike, Lexus, Fox, Apple, Samsung, Disney and many more.


Besides that, somehow an international agency in China flew me over and asked and asked me to build and manage a team of 10 in Hong Kong, while I don’t even speak Chinese.


And then Business Insider made a questionable decision to put me inside “Top 30 Under 30 Most Creative People in Advertising” list. 


If you are not interested in all this, please check out my instagram face filters and self-made annual playlists.


Do you want to see more projects? Just drop me a line at info@detailvision.com


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