Hey, I’m Shak. I build and launch digital products.

In 2021 I founded a product design company for emerging startups Hello Robo.  We help founders build better products so they can raise more for their next round.

In 2023 I gathered up 12 most talented creatives around the world and directed a short film called The Well – Motion Poem. It won a bunch of awards.


Before that, I greatly improved Fair product and brand.


Prior to that, I helped FX Networks reimagine what a streaming experience could be.


I was fortunate to work with brands like Nike, Lexus, Fox, Apple, Samsung, Disney and many more.


Besides that, somehow an international agency in China tasked me to build and manage an interactive team in Hong Kong, while I don’t even speak Chinese. Great food, btw.


And then Business Insider made a good decision to put me inside “Top 30 Under 30 Most Creative People in Advertising” list.


If you want to chat or just want to say hi: [email protected]


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